Roger Wallis

adventurous sailing in extreme parts of the world

Roger started sailing with his brother Rob at 11yrs in 1961. They bought their first keel boat in 1965. It was almost a wreck but they fixed her up and sailed her for 3 years to places like Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands, rarely to their parents knowledge. While at school, Roger built racing sailing boats for himself and for friends. When he was 18yrs and doing his apprenticeship as a carpenter he started building his first steel hulled ocean going yacht. She was 36ft long sloop rigged and round bilged and took 2yrs to build. He then bought a series of boats and did them up. In 1979 he built a steel fishing trawler & launched her in 1980. Not only did he build the vessel, he also skippered and ran her for 22 years in Bass Strait and around Tasmania. At the same time Roger always had a yacht and did many extended voyages to the Pacific Islands for months at a time. He also did 2 Sydney Hobart races in a boat he owned but realised he preferred the adventure to the racing.In 1994 the first of a lot of big adventures started. Roger left Hobart- Tasmania and headed due south until he arrived at the Antarctic Continent itself and to Commonwealth Bay where Mawsons hut still stands today. In 1996 he made his first passage from Australia, across the southern ocean to Cape Horn and then to the Antarctic Peninsula. In fact, Roger has taken all his boats, Parmelia, Tooluka, Spirit of Sydney, & Australis across to South America from Australia. From the summer of 1996 to 2016 Roger was exploring the Antarctic every single summer, organising and skippering sailing journeys with scientists, film and documentary crews and passengers. During 8 of those same years he took his sailing yacht to the Arctic in the northern summer, to places like Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, Greenland, Alaska & Kamchatka. Over the last five years he has sailed four times the magic North West Passage. People ask him sometimes how many miles he has sailed. He doesn’t exactly know but it must be approximately 350,000nm. In the last 24 months (2016/17) he has sailed 41,000nm . The sea is his home and in the last 10yrs of his life he has spent 95% of his time on boats or at sea.Roger has his own sailing boat Philos, a 50ft steel schooner with which he cruises in the northern hemisphere. He currently skippers the beautiful 75ft schooner Abel Tasman. Private superyachts regularly seek Rogers’ experience for adventures in the extreme polar regions. Roger loves maritime and polar history and is never short of ideas to explore extreme regions. If you would like to meet him or discuss adventures, don’t hesitate to contact Roger via email: